English version “Primorskiy EM-Center”

“Primorskiy EM-Center” Co.Ltd is working together  with EM Research organization (EMRO) (Japan) as well as other authorized affiliate offices throughout the world to manufacture, promote and further develop the technology of Effective Microorganisms TM.  For the time being EM-1® is manufactured in Russia by “Primorskiy EM-Center” Co.Ltd under the name “Vostok EM-1”. Please, do not confuse the technology and products which Dr. TeruoHiga developed with other brands which may copy or resemble them.  The EM-1®and other EM products which were developed by Dr. TeruoHiga carry the EMRO logo and are marketed internationally through EMRO and its partner organizations and distributors.

In Russian Federation, please, contact:
“Primorskiy EM-Center” Co.Ltd
Russia, 690091, Vladivostok, Mordovtseva, 8D
General directorValentinaYa.Severina
8 800 333 65 95
Tel/Fax +7 (423) 2205-864

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